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Streaming Resources

Our live stream is available on our media page as well as on multiple platforms. Because of the popularity and accessibility of the YouTube platform on most devices and smart TVs, we recommend this as an easy way to view our live stream and archive services. If the YouTube app is installed on your smart TV, simply go the YouTube app and search Lakeshore Christian Church. Select the profile and begin viewing from there. If you do not have the YouTube app on your TV but it is connected to your network, then you may be able to Airplay (Apple devices) or Cast (non-Apple devices). See the below instructions to use these options. Please subscribe to get notified when new content is available on our page and if you need assistance to get set up then please contact us at admin@lakeshorechristiancom.

  • Connect your mobile device or computer and streaming device to the same WiFi network.

  • Open YouTube on your mobile device or computer. 

  • Tap Cast or AirPlay in the top right. (icons pictured below)

  • Select your device. 

  • This will open YouTube.

  • If you’re playing a video, it should automatically begin playing on your TV.

  • Use your mobile device or computer to control YouTube TV on your TV.




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